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 CLOCK repair- WRISTWATCH repair- POCKET WATCH repair-

I specialize in the repair of Cuckoo, Electric, 400 day, and all forms of American and Foreign clocks, I fix what others can't or don't want to fix.

One year guarantee on all work done  Reasonable service times  Straight forward pricing 

These are general average price for work. Your work can be higher or lower depending on complexity






Mantle or wall clock
$275 & up

Grandfather clock

$350 & up

Cuckoo clocks

$200 & up





Pocket watch/wrist watch
$225 & up


These prices include a 27+ step process, some of these steps include:


* Disassembly of clock/watch
 * Ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, heated drying
 * Polishing of all pivots

 * Refinish, clicks, strike levers, hammer tails, lifting cams on clocks

 * Check escapement for lock and lift and beat
 * Reassembly of clock/watch
 * Lubrication using the finest Swiss lubrications with the specific one called for in your piece and your personal piece is protected and pampered every step of the way.
 * Final test of at least one week run for accuracy and verification of work done in my workshop


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